Why get a loan on BTCJam.com?

There are many great reasons to get a loan from BTCJam:

  • Low interest rates
  • Fast and Easy Online Process
  • Available Globally
  • Secure and Confidential

Why do we have low interest rates?

Through our global peer-to-peer lending platform, we have capital from investors in developed nations who are happy with lower returns than most local banks who have high interest rates set by the national banks in most of the developing world

Most developing countries need to attract capital from foreign investors to develop their infrastructure. To be competitive and since there is quite bit of risk involved, they have to offer quite high interest rates to those investors. Since the treasuries they are selling can also be bought by their local national banks, the interest rate banks are giving to consumers are higher as well, since they need to have a similar or higher internal rate of return on consumer lending in order to justify the investment of time and capital.

But with our peer to peer lending platform, as long as we can create a better return/risk ratio for lenders than other alternatives they have access to, we will be able to offer loans to borrowers in those countries at rates that in many cases are much lower than what they can get at their existing banks.

Additionally we screen our borrowers very thoroughly through our innovative, global credit scoring algorithms. Since we are able to predict the likelihood of default pretty well, lenders have confidence and are happy with lower interest rates, since they know the risk they are getting when investing.

Why do we have little bureaucracy?

We do everything online and our innovative credit scoring algorithm can assess your credit score within seconds of your application.

Traditional banks have to ask you a whole bunch of questions about you before someone in an office decides whether you are ‘credit-worthy’ or not. We also ask some questions, but since we are doing everything online and including information about you from your various profiles on the web, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Paypal, Ebay etc, we can automate a lot of that process and do instant credit scoring based on the information you give us.

Can I get a loan if I am in (INSERT MY COUNTRY HERE) ?

The answer is a resounding YES! By using bitcoin, the community can fund people from literally any country, including Antarctica!

How is my information protected?

We don’t share any personal information about you with lenders or anyone else. We reserve the right to do so in cases required by law or if you specifically give us permission to do that.

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