Announcing BTCJam’s Referral Program!

Do you want to earn up to $20 worth of bitcoin per referral?

Then join BTCJam’s referral program! Post the referral link on your Facebook, post it on your blog, e-mail it to your friends, family, and ex-girlfriends – we don’t judge!

You will receive the award when they create a new account and take out a loan or make an investment.

To receive the award you both need to have your identity 100% verified, and have a social media account (Facebook or Linkedin) connected.

Award Type: Investor 

Description: You will both receive $5 in Bitcoin once the new user has more than $100 worth of investments in activated listings.

Award Type: Borrower Level One

Description: You will both receive $5 in Bitcoin once they have borrowed at least $250.

Award Type: Borrower Level Two 

Description: You will both receive $15 in Bitcoin once at least $250 worth of loans has been repaid.

Exsisting users, share the love and get your free bitcoin now!

New users, get started and start referring to get your free bitcoin!

One thought on “Announcing BTCJam’s Referral Program!

  1. Hi. Can you explain your referral program in more details?
    Is it 2. level ref program and I’ll be paid for referrals of my referrals independently of who my referrals are borrowers or investors?
    Will I receive 5usd continuously from each referred investor or only once?
    Same for my referred borrowers or not?
    Same about borrowers lvl2?



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