Announcing New Connected Wallet Features


That’s right. It’s here, it’s fast, it’s efficient, it’s a connected wallet where you can automatically withdraw and add funds to your BTCJam account from Coinbase without having to leave BTCJam. We are happy to present the first of many new features that will come with connected wallets.

  • You can withdraw from Coinbase without leaving BTCJam
  • Your automatic payments can withdraw from your Coinbase wallet to make a payment

If you have a connected Coinbase wallet, you can view your balance and withdraw from that wallet in the Add Funds window on your BTCJam dashboard. For our borrowers, you no longer have to stress about adding your funds to BTCJam from your wallet provider! Enabling automatic payments and withdrawals from your Coinbase wallet will be automated to make payments for you.

Go to your settings to configure your wallet!

Wallet providers, we are looking to add more add wallets! Read our partners page here.