We SAY NO to Blackmailers!

BTCJam’s mission is to bring affordable credit to borrowers all over the world through peer-to-peer lending and a superior, algorithmic credit rating system. Since our inception, we have facilitated over US$ 8 million in loans from over 100 different countries.

A few months ago, we were contacted by blackmailers, demanding that we pay to avoid attacks on our website. We want to declare publicly that WE ARE NOT PAYING NOR WILL WE EVER PAY MONEY TO EXTORTIONISTS. We will fight any and all attackers who try to bring down our site via any type of attack. We will not compensate criminals.

To anyone who is concerned about the security of their bitcoins or their personal data on our site: BTCJam has a robust security infrastructure in place with insured cold wallets and we take great care to not allow anyone to access private user information. Please be aware that your information is not at risk even if you are experiencing some latency due to attacks.

BTCJam Team

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