BTCJam launches “Hide Invested” feature

Howdy Jammers!

We’ve got a brand new feature for you this morning, suggested by one of our own!  Less than two months ago, 58 days to be precise, BTCjam user Craig wrote “When looking for loans to invest in, it would be helpful to have a filter to find ones that I have not already invested in.”  And now, we are proud to announce the latest feature of BTCjam produced by our hardworking Jam Engineers:

To Hide Loans that you’ve already invested, simply select “Hide Invested”

from the Filters list on the left hand side of the Loan Listing page.

We’re always striving to bring our users on new features to improve your BTCjam experience.  If you have a new feature you’d like to suggest, please send it to us at with the subject line “Dev Suggestions” and maybe our next blog post will be about you!

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8 thoughts on “BTCJam launches “Hide Invested” feature

  1. I have another Idea what would be helpful, When looking at the payment calendar it would also be nice if we could put our pointer over the day and see a total of payments still to be made for that day. It would allow us to better be able to invest in other loans if we know what we are expecting from upcoming payments. Just a thought 🙂


  2. I wish there was a fund made loans were defaulted on a loan for all you do not want to see my portfolio for me depressed. If any charge is podés could be shared among all those who have made contributions to this fund.


  3. In negotiating notes should be able to disappear all loans paid to rank among those who are fully paid and non. Also every time you lie a sell order of a fund does not reset the website at the beginning, should be on the same page where the order was made and not having to search again.


  4. It would be useful to have it where you can easily pay for your loan without having to go through each payment (eg if you do weekly and want to pay a month or two in advance, there should be a feature to select the dates and pay them all at once), or have a full pay off where they can pay for everything all at once.


  5. Please Please Please fix the refresh token issue on your API 😦 . I can’t do anything automatic because your auth system’s tokens expire all the time. 😦


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