BTCJam Launches Simplified Loan Application Process


We have great news today! BTCJam is simplifying the loan application process.  

With the new simplified version, it’s much easier to get a loan on BTCJam. Borrowers can now focus on providing a better description of why they need a loan, instead of being overwhelmed by options.

14 Day Loan Funding

Starting today, all loans will have two weeks to be funded. Far too often, we see good loans that don’t get funded because they try to raise funds too quickly. Other loans last too long and crowd the marketplace. Standardizing the length of loan funding will make BTCJam easier to use for borrowers and for lenders.

Simplified Loan Terms 

We’re also simplifying the length of loans to 1-4 months, half year, nine months and full year. And remember, there are never any penalties or fees if a borrower decides to pay off their loan early.


shutterstock_33739678Payment cycle options reduced

Four payments a month is just too many… and if you miss a payment, it could hurt your credit score. Our new monthly loans make repayment easy as it matches your schedule.  Payments are only on a monthly basis only.

We believe these new simpler loan options will provide a better BTCJam experience for borrowers and for lenders. We’re always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for borrowing and for lending!

Until next time… Keep on Jamming!

If you need money, borrow bitcoins on BTCJam!  If you want high returns, invest on BTCJam!

6 thoughts on “BTCJam Launches Simplified Loan Application Process

  1. BTCjam is steadly moving from a state of more freedom to less, while advertising its going from more complexity to less. I can’t stress enough how unintelligent these moves are. Every one of them makes it easier for a competitor to deliver a better platform.


  2. All around though, Jam as a community is growing, and I think these changes are better for that longer term situation. I’m getting a sense for Jam’s evolving vision, and I think that these changes help them get there.


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