BTCJam named as one of the Sand Hill 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters

The Sand Hill 25 Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters   Sandhill

SandHill — Bitcoin is about the birth of a new monetary ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, it will have its share of winners and losers. The Bitcoin “Innovative Disrupters” are those that have the best odds at being winners.

Today, venture capitalists have created the foundation for innovative disruption with an investment of $667 million in Bitcoin-related companies to date. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs from all over the world will create the new Bitcoin monetary ecosystem.

As a follow on to our article, “Bitcoin: Mad, Bad but not a Fad,” here are 25 companies we’ve dubbed the Sand Hill Bitcoin Innovative Disrupters. They represent the first wave of companies leveraging blockchain-related technologies that we believe will play a pivotal role in the future:

BTCJam – Peer-to-peer lending network using Bitcoin targeted at cross-border loans to individuals in third-world countries. Uses a reputation system to build credit profiles for borrowers.

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