We SAY NO to Blackmailers!

BTCJam’s mission is to bring affordable credit to borrowers all over the world through peer-to-peer lending and a superior, algorithmic credit rating system. Since our inception, we have facilitated over US$ 8 million in loans from over 100 different countries.

A few months ago, we were contacted by blackmailers, demanding that we pay to avoid attacks on our website. We want to declare publicly that WE ARE NOT PAYING NOR WILL WE EVER PAY MONEY TO EXTORTIONISTS. We will fight any and all attackers who try to bring down our site via any type of attack. We will not compensate criminals.

To anyone who is concerned about the security of their bitcoins or their personal data on our site: BTCJam has a robust security infrastructure in place with insured cold wallets and we take great care to not allow anyone to access private user information. Please be aware that your information is not at risk even if you are experiencing some latency due to attacks.

BTCJam Team

BTCJam Hires New Chief Product Officer


We are happy to announce that Gustavo Guida is joining BTCJam as Chief Product Officer. Gustavo is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience running marketplaces.

In 1999, months after graduating in Economics, Gustavo co-founded Bondfaro, a price comparison company in Brazil where he worked as CPO. In 2006 the company merged with Buscape, creating one of the largest e-commerce players in Latina America. Gustavo was Buscape’s Product Senior Vice-President and managed Customer Service and the Product pipeline for the company that had back then over 10 million monthly unique visitors and was servicing millions of dollars in transactions per month. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, the company was finally sold to Naspers in 2009.

After working briefly at Naspers and investing in a few start-ups, Gustavo co-founded the medical booking platform The company recently merged with NetCom, turning the resulting company the absolute leader in medical bookings in Brazil. Gustavo moved to the Board of Directors and is still a shareholder and a believer of the company.

At BTCJam, as CPO, Gustavo will be mainly responsible for Product Design and Customer Service. He will work remotely from Rio de Janeiro and will move to San Francisco soon to work at our SOMA office.

“Since my first contact with BTCJam, I became fascinated with its business model. By using bitcoin protocol, BTCJam can connect investors and borrowers from all over the world. The result is the empowerment of borrowers to fulfill their needs while at the same time, providing excellent returns for investors. I am very excited to join BTCJam and help the company to revolutionize finance on a global scale!” – Gustavo.

By the way, we are hiring! Take a look at the opening positions we have.