BTCJam launches “Hide Invested” feature

Howdy Jammers!

We’ve got a brand new feature for you this morning, suggested by one of our own!  Less than two months ago, 58 days to be precise, BTCjam user Craig wrote “When looking for loans to invest in, it would be helpful to have a filter to find ones that I have not already invested in.”  And now, we are proud to announce the latest feature of BTCjam produced by our hardworking Jam Engineers:

To Hide Loans that you’ve already invested, simply select “Hide Invested”

from the Filters list on the left hand side of the Loan Listing page.

We’re always striving to bring our users on new features to improve your BTCjam experience.  If you have a new feature you’d like to suggest, please send it to us at with the subject line “Dev Suggestions” and maybe our next blog post will be about you!

Until Next Time….

Keep on Jamming!